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Home Inspection Services on the Big Island, Hawaii

Know what you’re buying.

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Buying a home is one of life’s biggest purchases. It's an exciting decision, but with so much to consider -  it can be stressful.


Our professional Home Inspection Service on the Big Island, Hawaii will provide you with a solid understanding of the condition of your home-to-be. The information in the inspection report can help you negotiate your purchase, create a plan for upkeep/repair and help you make your decision with confidence - and relieve some of that stress.

Who needs a Home Inspection?

Buyers: Most home inspections help Buyers, and sometimes lenders, assess the safety, functionality and condition of a home under contract.

Sellers: A pre-sale inspection report helps real estate Sellers find and assess issues that will come up during a sale. It can save you time and money by heading-off smaller issues before they become larger, more involved repairs. Making the repairs ahead of a sale can help preserve the house's value and can make your home a safer, tidier purchase.


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