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I am a trained and certified home inspector with over 30 years experience in home design, construction, renovation and repair. From commercial design and building for clients like Whole Foods Markets to custom made giant metal sculptures for individuals - I’ve worked on, built, repaired and renovated everything from modern houses with the latest innovations to two-hundred year old homes with hand-hewn beams.


Not just Hawaii - the world over. Learning and using different techniques and transferring and applying the best ones in different places.


The world of construction, especially renovation has given me the skill of finding and diagnosing defects caused by time, use, critters, weather, incorrect materials, previous repairs and poor building practices.

I bring that experience to my inspection of your home in Big Island, Hawaii and provide you with the best inspection report.

Where I got My Start

My mom. In the early 70’s, my mom designed and built our family home, a modern four bedroom solar house on an island. I unwittingly designed the kid’s bedrooms by pointing out pictures I liked in Conran's Book of Home Design. I swept-up sawdust and banged nails (pulling-out my bent nails) with my own set of tools. At five years-old, I had made the connection between seeing the possibility of home space and having it built.

Fast forward to twenty-five... Building my first new house and sculpture/welding studio. Raw land, a 900 ft road, trenches, power and water, foundations, structure and finish carpentry. My own house design, influenced by my time in Costa Rica.

After the completion of the house, it wasn't too long before real estate agent friends were inviting me along on client tours to inspect homes, give the client ideas for renovation and point out any issues that could turn into costly repairs.

And from there -  countless projects, renovations and innovations. Looking, testing, experimenting, and most importantly - learning. Learning that each house is not just a box you sleep and eat in. A house has a story: a story of its construction, where it’s been and what it needs now to be a safe and good place to live.

Our Location

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