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The Inspection Report

After the home is inspected, we take time to go over what’s been found in a summary discussion. Then… I go to work.
I consider everything that’s been seen and discovered in the house during inspection and write a thorough and detailed inspection report. In color. With photos. With explanations. Easy to read. My report is not a software check list or a computer program that’s done as soon as the inspection is done - It’s a custom made guide to the systems and issues of your home.

Providing you with the best report takes about 24 to 48 hours. When finished, I send you a link. You can access and download the report whenever and as much as you like. Links can also be provided to share with your realtor or any other party you choose.

Home Inspection Report Samples

See what a HIHI Inspection Report looks like.

Download a PDF Report Sample below. To make the download faster, the resolution has been lowered.

Sample Report For a Single Family Home........


Sample Report for a Condo...............................

sample image 3.png
sample image 4.png
sample image 2.png

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